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Welcome to The Fan Room

Welcome to The Fan Room

Ever wonder what happens in the Green Room? That mystical, magical place where all your favorite celebrities hang out between takes, interviews, and special guest appearances. It’s a far off dream for most of us…or is it?

Welcome to The Fan Room! Launching in 2022, TFR sets out to give fans an exclusive place to hang out between movie marathons, gaming tournaments, and watching everything available on your streaming service. With exclusive interviews and first-looks, we’ll take you behind the curtain of some of your favorite events and give you never before seen footage.

Looking for in-depth reviews on your favorite movies and tv shows? Want to put your pop culture knowledge to the test with trivia? Should you purchase the latest game release? We’ve got you. Our goal is to make this your safe one stop shop for all things nerd adjacent while keeping you in the know on the latest and greatest.

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