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Saint Motel’s ‘The Awards Show’ will Make You MOVE!

Saint Motel’s ‘The Awards Show’ will Make You MOVE!

Saint Motel The Awards Show

Last weekend, I headed over to the TLA in Philadelphia to watch indie-pop band Saint Motel’s much-hyped new tour ‘The Awards Show.’ Now I know you must be wondering: what made this show so unique? Easy. Before the show, the audience had to opportunity to vote on four songs from past albums to be played during the set. With a whole discography to choose from, that’s—oh, around 3,000 possible setlist combinations. How exactly did it work? You can listen to frontman A/J Jackson explain the process here. It was incredible to see a solid mix of old and new songs throughout the night.  

A/J took the stage with Saint Motel guitarist Aaron Sharp, bassist Dak Lerdamornpong, and drummer Greg Erwin, then kicked the night off with their hit “Van Horn” of the band’s latest album, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The night continued to unfold with track after winning track, and the band even introduced a new, unreleased song entitled, “Everyone’s a Guru Now.” They closed the show with their most popular song “Just My Type” while Jackson stepped off the stage to interact with the crowd, showcasing his swagger and energy. It was a perfect end to a perfect night for fans who haven’t had the chance to see this band since the days of the pandemic.  

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