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Fan Expo New Orleans 2023
Our FAN EXPO New Orleans Recap

This past weekend, The Fan Room got an inside look at FAN EXPO New Orleans. We brushed arms with celebrities, talked to cosplayers, and had a whole lot of fun with a whole lot of fans. Take a look at …

Inside the Upside Down: Stranger Things Experience NYC

Brooklyn, do you copy? If there’s any radio interference, don’t worry—it’s probably the inter-dimensional rift in the Duggal Greenhouse.

Since the beginning of May, the Brooklyn Naval Yard has been housing a portal straight into 80’s Hawkins, Indiana. The Stranger

EDDIE LIVES: The Evidence for Eddie Munson’s Survival

It’s common knowledge that, during a show’s hiatus, fans go absolutely insane. Twenty-four hours after a finale, the web is already full of novella-length essays analyzing that one scene, that one line delivery, that one brief hand touch. Or, in …