Friday the 13th: Touring Camp Crystal Lake

Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma. This Friday falls on the 13th and we’re taking you back to Camp Crystal Lake, behind the scenes of one of horror’s most iconic film sets. What most viewers don’t know is that Camp …

The Halloween Saga: A Dramatic Shift

This last weekend marked the end of a 40+ year story of Laurie Strode and her battle with The Shape, aka Michael Myers with the release of Halloween Ends. A household name in the world of horror, John Carpenter’s

Hocus Pocus 2
Hocus Pocus 2: Living Up to the Legend

“Come little children, I’ll take thee away into a land of enchantment…”

The words that started it all—a Disney Channel Original, a Halloween classic, a cultural cornerstone for a generation. Hocus Pocus has been a hit since it came out …

Halloween Horror Nights Feature
Halloween Horror Nights: Orlando or Hollywood?

The nights are getting colder. The shadows are getting longer. The screams can be heard from miles around. It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Every autumn, Universal Studios hosts one of the biggest events …