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The Fan Room’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2023

The Fan Room’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2023

It’s a new year and with that comes a whole new crop of releases from all of the major studios! Here’s a list of the Fan Room’s most anticipated theatrical releases for 2023!

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

In Theaters: 2/17 – Synopsis: Ant-Man and the Wasp find themselves exploring the Quantum Realm, interacting with strange new creatures and embarking on an adventure that pushes them beyond the limits of what they thought was possible. – Cast: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kathryn Newton, Jonathan Majors, Randall Park

Scream VI

In Theaters: 3/10 – Synopsis: The survivors of the latest Ghostface killings, sisters Samantha and Tara Carpenter and twins Chad and Mindy Meeks attempt to leave Woodsboro behind and start a new chapter of their lives in New York City only be plagued by a new streak of murders by a new Ghostface killer. – Cast: Courteney Cox, Melissa Barrera, Jenny Ortega, Hayden Panettiere, Jasmin Savoy Brown

John Wick: Chapter 4

In Theaters: 3/23 – Synopsis: John Wick uncovers a path to defeating the High Table. But before he can earn his freedom, Wick must face off against a new enemy with powerful alliances across the globe and forces that turn old friends into foes. – Cast: Keanu Reeves, Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgard, Laurence Fishburne, Lance Reddick, Bridget Moynahan

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

In Theaters: 3/31 – Synopsis: A charming thief and a band of unlikely adventurers embark on an epic quest to retrieve a long lost relic, but their charming adventure goes dangerously awry when they run afoul of the wrong people. – Cast: Chris Pine, Sophia Lillis, Regé-Jean Page, Michelle Rodriguez, Hugh Grant

Super Mario Brother

In Theaters: 4/7 – Synopsis: A plumber named Mario travels through an underground labyrinth with his brother, Luigi, trying to save a captured princess. – Cast: Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogan

Evil Dead Rise

In Theaters: 4/21 – Synopsis: In the fifth Evil Dead film, a road-weary Beth pays an overdue visit to her older sister Ellie, who is raising three kids on her own in a cramped L.A. apartment. The sisters’ reunion is cut short by the discovery of a mysterious book deep in the bowels of Ellie’s building, giving rise to flesh-possessing demons, and thrusting Beth into a primal battle for survival as she is faced with the most nightmarish version of motherhood imaginable. – Cast: Alyssa Sutherland, Lily Sullivan, Gabrielle Echols, Nell Fisher

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

In Theaters: 5/5 – Synopsis: After purchasing Knowhere from the Collector, the Guardians of the Galaxy attempt to make it a safe haven for alien refugees. But after a brutal attack, Peter Quill must lead the Guardians on one last dangerous mission to protect one of their members that could lead to the team dissolving. – Cast: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldaña, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Will Poulter, Elizabeth Debicki, Sylvester Stallone

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse

In Theaters: 6/2 – Synopsis: When Miles Morales is unexpectedly approached by his best friend and love interest Gwen Stacy to complete a mission to save every universe of Spider-People from a mysterious new villain who could cause a catastrophic disaster, Miles is up for the challenge. He and Gwen journey through the Multiverse together and meet its protectors, a group of Spider-People known as the Spider-Force. However, Miles finds himself at odds with both the Spider-Force and Gwen on how to handle the threat. – Cast: Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld, Jason Schwartzman, Jake Johnson, Rachel Dratch

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

In Theaters: 6/30 – Synopsis: The film will take place in 1969 during the height of the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. With many of the scientists behind the space programs having Nazi backgrounds, Jones is determined to find nefarious activity hidden in their explorative endeavor. – Cast: Harrison Ford, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen, Antonio Banderas, John Rhys-Davies

Dune: Part 2

In Theaters: 11/3 – Synopsis: Paul Atreides unites with Chani and the Fremen while seeking revenge against the conspirators who destroyed his family. Facing a choice between the love of his life and the fate of the universe, he must prevent a terrible future only he can foresee. – Cast: Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgård, Dave Bautista, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Zendaya, Christopher Walken

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