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Marvel Studios Reportedly Trademarks These Five New Titles

Marvel Studios Reportedly Trademarks These Five New Titles

Eagle eyed internet users noticed a filing of a European copyright by Marvel Studios a couple of hours ago and posted on Reddit/Twitter. What does this mean? Could we see some announcements at SDCC soon? Are these for movies? TV? Video Games?

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Let’s break down what these could potentially lead to!

“Avengers: Secret Wars”

Avengers Fighting

UPDATE: Avengers: Secret Wars (Nov 7, 2025)

Avengers Street Wars

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars – commonly known as Secret Wars for short – was a twelve-issue American comic book crossover limited series published from May 1984 to April 1985 and a 2015–16 comic book storyline that recalled the 1984–1985 miniseries of the same name. Much like any good cosmic comic crossover the general premise involves the destruction of the universe.

The 1984-85 storyline involves A cosmic entity called the Beyonder observing the mainstream Marvel universe. Fascinated by the presence of superheroes on Earth and their potential, this entity chooses a group of both heroes and supervillains and teleports characters against their will to “Battleworld“, a planet created by the Beyonder in a distant galaxy. This world has also been stocked with alien weapons and technology. The Beyonder then declares: “I am from beyond! Slay your enemies and all that you desire shall be yours! Nothing you dream of is impossible for me to accomplish!”

The 2015-16 storyline involves the destruction of the Marvel Universe and various other alternate universes (including those seen in the Ultimate Marvel and Marvel 2099 imprints, the “Age of Apocalypse” storyline, the Marvel 1602 universe, and the “House of M” storyline), with each universe’s respective Earth combining with each other into Battleworld, a planet that exhibits the aspects of the various universes. The planet itself is divided in many territories that are mostly self-contained and where a “pocket universe” composed of a specific storyline or universe reside and evolve. Various versions of individual Marvel characters can be present multiple times on the Battleworld. For example, there is a Tony Stark present in many of the territories where the Kingdom of Manhattan has both the Earth-1610 and the Earth-616 versions, and many versions of Thor serve as a peace-keeping force.

Needless to say, this would be a vast undertaking as a cinematic event no matter which version they decided to go with. This is, however, a golden opportunity for Marvel/Disney to cram every single cameo they can into one (but probably two) movies. Move over Multiverse of Madness, THERE IS A NEW SHERRIF IN TOWN AND HE ACTUALLY HAS TOM CRUISE AS THE SUPERIOR IRON MAN. Plus, according to ScreenRant: “There has long been speculation that Secret Wars could be the ultimate title of Avengers 5. Anthony and Joe Russo have long talked about their desire to adapt the comic storyline should they ever return to Marvel.”

Now who will be the BBEG of this EPIC event? Traditionally it has been Dr. Doom in that role. Will they subvert expectations and replace him with Kang? Will Dr. Doom be the one to destroy Kang and take his place? Will they even have enough time to build up Dr. Doom as a character to do this? Will the X-Men be involved?

More on this as it is announced.

“Avengers: The Kang Dynasty”

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UPDATE: Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (May 2, 2025)

The Picture

Originally the “Kang Dynasty”, sometimes called “Kang War, was a 16 part comic book storyline which ran through Avengers (vol. 3) #41 – 55 and Avengers Annual 2001 between June, 2001 and August, 2002. It was written by Kurt Busiek and illustrated by a number of artists including Alan DavisKieron DwyerIvan Reis and Manuel Garcia.

The story features Kang the Conqueror, warlord from the 30th century, one of the deadliest and oldest Avengers foes, arriving in the early 21st century with his son Marcus intent on conquering the planet. Although Kang is temporarily successful, the first villain in Marvel Comics to physically take over the world (as opposed through mind control, as Doctor Doom once accomplished by amplifying the powers of the Purple Man) he is opposed and eventually defeated by the Avengers.

This being the logical next step for Marvel after setting Kang up in the first season of Loki, we have a fertile ground in which to till our various theories. Will this be the Multiversal war to end all Multiversal wars? Or, just the teaser and lead-up to Secret Wars? Ironically enough, only time will tell.

“Captain America: New World Order”

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This is an interesting one. So as far as context, “New World Order” was the name of first episode of the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The episode that introduced so many new elements into a post Blip MCU. (Flag Smashers, John Walker, etc)

Will this be a continuation of those themes? Could this be a game? (Anyone who says an open world Captain America game wouldn’t be an absolute blast is a liar!) Are the Flag Smashers back? Will we see the Winter Soldier?

So many questions, so few Hall H attendance badges.

“Multiverse Saga”


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Much like the “Infinity Saga” defined previous Marvel Cinematic phases, will the “Multiverse Saga” be how the powers-that-be define Phase 4?


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UPDATE: Thunderbolts will end Phase 5 on July 26, 2024

The Picture

This is the one that is probably the most solidified at this point (with an actual director and everything)

The prevailing theory is that, with the popularity of the character from the previously mentioned Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we are going to get some iteration of the Zemo led Thunderbolts. (maybe even culminating in the Dark Avengers) But, given Marvel’s propensity to mix-and-match, AND the fact that there are so many to choose from, we could end up with any combination of these:

Baron Helmut Zemo’s Thunderbolts

Baron Helmut Zemo summoned several of his former allies from the prior incarnations of the Masters of Evil during a rescue attempt of Goliath (the former bodyguard to Baron Heinrich Zemo). The summoned members included BeetleFixerMoonstone and Screaming Mimi. Zemo took the accidental gathering as an omen, and decided to reform the Masters of Evil and attack the Avengers.[43] Before they could strike, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four were apparently killed by the villain Onslaught.[44]

The death of the Avengers and Fantastic Four created an opportunity for Zemo and the Masters of Evil. Zemo realized that the world needed superpowered champions, and that his team could fill that need. By posing as superheroes, the Masters of Evil could gain the public trust and build a position of power that rivaled the status of the Avengers. Once they had gained the public’s faith, Zemo believed they could gain access to all the secrets of the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. once they were in ultimate power. Zemo then planned to sell the secrets they found to the criminal underworld.

Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts

Formed under the control of Norman Osborn, the majority of the roster was made up of villains wishing to redeem themselves.

The new Thunderbolts roster was as follows:

After the Marvel Comics Civil War event, the new Thunderbolts were tasked with tracking down and arresting individuals avoiding the Superhuman Registration Act. Despite the new line-up, many of the themes of the original series continued; in particular, Songbird’s decision to cripple Bullseye in retaliation for the villain crippling the super-hero Jack Flag, Norman Osborn’s own struggle for redemption as he claimed, and the growing friendship between Songbird and Radioactive Man. Moonstone was made team leader, a move that proved to be disastrous and ultimately led to Songbird resuming control over the team and expanding the group’s missions to involve regular super-hero missions besides hunting down unregistered super-heroes.

Red Hulk’s Thunderbolts

A new team composed of Red HulkDeadpoolElektraAgent Venom, and Punisher debuted as a part of Marvel NOW! major relaunch. Written by Daniel Way with drawings by Steve Dillon. This incarnation is not a government-sponsored team.

Red Hulk assembles his incarnation of the Thunderbolts to be a strike team that is close to “Code Red.” He has gathered Deadpool, Elektra, Punisher, and Agent Venom because “their conditions cannot be cured.” Red Hulk has his Thunderbolts do things that are similar to X-Force. Red Hulk has obtained Samuel Sterns’ body and hooks it up to a machine that emits Red Gamma Radiation onto Samuel Sterns. Deadpool later finds Samuel Sterns‘ as a Red Leader with no apparent powers as he expresses his view that the Punisher won’t be pleased. Punisher finds Red Leader’s body and shoots him between the eyes disrupting whatever plans Red Hulk has for Red Leader.

Punisher: War on the Streets

After losing custody of Frank Castle in the fledgling country of Bagalia, Baron Zemo and Jigsaw flee to New York City. There, Zemo approaches the Mayor Wilson Fisk, in hopes of joining forces and finally taking on revenge on the Punisher. Fearing a public relations disaster, Mayor Fisk reluctantly agrees—and is promptly dismayed when Zemo reveals a new team of Thunderbolts at a mayoral press conference.

Zemo’s new Thunderbolts team includes:

Mayor Fisk and Citizen V announce to a cheering crowd that the Thunderbolts will work with newly arrived U.N. forces (who are, in fact, Zemo’s disguised Hydra soldiers) and a covert team of NYPD officers to rid the city of Punisher.

There is so much potential here and it is probably the property with arguably the most ground work done.


  • Zemo
  • Abomination
  • US Soldier
  • Ghost
  • Thaddeus Ross (RIP)
  • Yelena Belova
  • Deadpool
  • Elektra
  • Punisher

There are SO many option for an amazing movie or series. This is shaping up to be one of the most exciting Phases yet!

What do you think. What did we miss? Let me know in the comments below.

Until then, please enjoy this clip of Zemo dancing for an hour.

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