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Why I Play House Flipper And You Should, Too: A Millennial’s Sweet Escape

Why I Play House Flipper And You Should, Too: A Millennial’s Sweet Escape

If you’re into video games, you’ll know that ‘Zen Gaming’ is on the rise. Modern fantasy continuously makes its mark in the virtual world, giving Millennials a break from daily life, and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, I understand I could be hunting demons at the moment or braving an elimination battlefield of one kind or another. Instead, like many others, I find myself living out my deepest fantasy…

Buying a house.

There is a constant barrage of reports on how the cost of living has skyrocketed in recent years, and if you are a millennial doom-scrolling on your phone most waking hours like me, you know owning a house could be a long way off.

Enter ‘House Flipper’, a simulation game by Frozen District, from all the way back in 2018 (Currently on all gaming platforms and Xbox Game Pass).

The game starts off simple enough; you are in a trashy one-bedroom shack, more closely resembling a dorm room than a home, but it’s got good bones. You’re going to fix it up whenever you get the chance, with whatever skills and cash you earn as you go.

Earning cash in House Flipper scratches another fantasy itch, doing high-paying side gigs that only take ten minutes, and I get to keep my clothes on. There is a laptop sitting on a trash-laden table, so you check your in-game emails. Bam! You’re off to a job. You can complete any number of tasks, from painting someone’s nursery to removing trash and dirt from a garage. These odd jobs will level up your character and your arsenal of tools, which you can take with you as you work toward your main goal—you guessed it—buying and flipping houses.

To be clear, House Flipper is not realistic. Things happen almost instantly and there is no waiting on escrow. This lends itself to becoming something more relaxing and zen state of gaming. After a day of working in the real world and knowing my landlord would never approve of the bright blue paint makeover I think my apartment needs, I can enter House Flipper and do just that. I drop a can of paint in the middle of a virtual room, fill the roller, paint a perfectly determined drip-free portion of the wall. Dip again. Paint again. Dip. Paint. The repetition soothes me into a state of homeowner-nirvana. And that’s just the painting! Don’t get me started on the window washing. You try making the most effective path through the dirt, leaving your stress behind, but not streaks.

I believe we all have our comfort games. Specifically, ones we can go back to time and time again to detox from real life. Even though House Flipper has a few years on it now, I still want to put on a podcast and buy the house I’ve been saving up for, making it beautiful. We may not have as much control over everyday life, but in video games, we can have it all. Even the mundane.

Now, excuse me, Mrs. Johnson needs me to demo her kitchen.

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