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The AI Art Generator: Should Artists Be Worried?

The AI Art Generator: Should Artists Be Worried?

Art and artists have been an integral part of human culture for thousands of years. You only need to take a look at works by some of the greats to see its affects on society. But what happens when machines learn how to create art themselves and what does it mean for the future of art and artists?

What Is An AI Art Generator?

An AI art generator is a machine learning algorithm that learns from examples, and then creates new works based on those examples. In the case of AI-generated art, the algorithm learns from images of human-made art and uses that information to create new works.

Art Generators Gain Popularity

These new and rapidly growing tools are transforming the art world with a new breed of software that generates art based on a set of rules or parameters that can be used to create paintings, drawings, photographs, and even music. Users are now creating their own AI generated art using the latest and greatest tools around.

The Prisma app, for example, uses AI technology to create images from existing photographs. It allows users to generate art from their own photos or choose from a range of pre-made images. The tool also offers various customization options, such as the ability to adjust colors and filters.

The MidJourney generator creates striking landscapes and images based on user input and descriptive prompts.

Another new AI is Dall-e2 which creates abstract artwork from text inputs such as words or phrases.

Growing Concern

The use of AI Generators is controversial and sparking debate because they have been said to threaten the livelihoods of professional artists who rely on selling their work for income. If people can get high quality art for free from a generator, then why would anyone purchase original paintings from artists? If you’ve ever browsed through Instagram or Pinterest, you’ll notice how many people post pictures of their AI Generated work alongside selfies taken in front of real life paintings. It’s hard to argue with this logic, but it’s also hard to imagine how something so free could ever replace something so expensive.

What To Expect

The future certainly looks bright, but tinkering with the very essence of what we consider to be “art” in this way is bound to spark debate. There’s no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will have an impact on the art world, but it remains to be seen whether the AI will make art better or worse in the long run. As someone who is interested in both art and technology, I’m looking forward to seeing how these two fields continue to intertwine—and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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