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The 5 Best Looks From the Sandman Netflix Series

The 5 Best Looks From the Sandman Netflix Series

In honor of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman being released on Netflix, we’ve decided to have a little fun and list our favorite looks from The Sandman. Now, this may include a spoiler for those of you who have yet to see the series, so if that is you, then look away now (seriously, go watch it…it’s sooo good). Because we all know that style makes a statement – and in this series it really makes bold statement.

5. Dream

Lord of Dreams? More like Lord of Coats. Always classy, and perfect for standing moodily in the rain. Dream comes in 5th with his ankle length trench coat, pairs well with a helm. And maybe a single ruby.

4. Death

Simple. Casual. Elegant. Black. Not just for going to funerals, black is also great for when you’re on the job. A simple silver ankh ties the look together. Shoes not required.

3. Hob Gadling

As time marches on, so does fashion. Always on the latest trend (unless it’s been a bad 80 years) and draped in finery. Hob knows how to dress for a party. Or a meeting with an old friend.

2. Lucifer

Lord of Hell, and of the quick change. Wearing clothes that fit the mood, and the occasion. Should they need to be a commanding presence in an angelic white gown, or do battle in rouge. Lucifer puts the ‘hellfires ash’ in fashion.

1. Matthew

We saved the best for last because what’s a better look than being confident in your own body (even if it’s a new, smaller, less human body)? Raven black feathers, strong beak, and a natural charm. Matthew is dressed for a day in the park. Or a casual hop through realms.

What We Think

Really, The Sandman has some of the best looks in any comic book series to date. Apart from the interesting takes on fashion, most characters in the series are far from ordinary, making each individual character look original and distinct from one another. Even the outfits of the mortals are well-detailed. Most of these looks aren’t something that you can easily pull off in real life, but they pulled it off magnificently in The Sandman.

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