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Five Characters We Are Excited To Meet In The Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power

Five Characters We Are Excited To Meet In The Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power

With the release of Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings: Rings of Power, being just around the corner, we have some characters in mind we just can’t stop thinking about, this could also be a result of needing more LOTR in our life. From posters to trailers, these five have captured our imagination.

The Orcs

Rumored to be the last of their kind and scavengers of the wilds. There is just something interesting in the new orc design for ROP. The orcs we’ve seen so far have less face tumors and open wounds, and a more clothing options than rusted metal. The orcs might just become multi-faceted characters, and not just trebuchet fodder. Intrigue is back on the menu boys!

The Harfoots

These hippy-twigs-in-hair Hobbit relatives are giving off major Tinker happy-go-lucky vibe, and just like second breakfast, we’re here for it. We know Hobbits love to be comfortable and know how to throw a party, but the Harfoots are less creatures of comfort, and it will be great to see the more nomadic adventurous side of the Halflings.

Queen Galadriel

We know she is powerful, we know she’s a great host and gift giver, and we know in a few thousand years she will pass the test of the One Ring, giving nightmares to kids everywhere. (Just me? Okay, moving on). It will be awesome to see the Lady of Light outside the serene woods and heading into battle.

Disa of Khazad-dûm

The first onscreen female Dwarf, though lacking the beard that we were hoping to see from Gimli and Aragon story, she strikes a strong and regal figure. First introduced in The Hobbit, we know she leaves quite the legacy, so it will be exciting to see her story unfold.

The Stranger

Our number one most anticipated character is the most mysterious. Simply called the Stranger, our imagination are running wild with who he could be. Good? Evil? A wizard? Two hobbits stacked under a cloak? We shall see.

We have high hopes this show will soar high like the Great Eagles, and not come crashing down like an old helmet in a well. The actors chosen for the roles have big shoes (or hairy feet) to fill as one of the most beloved fantasy series of all time must weigh heavy on their shoulders. So buckle up on September 2nd and make sure to take a deep breath before the plunge!

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